Communications Director Portinvest commented on CCP legislative innovations on environmental work in ports in the country

In September 2018, the Verkhovna Rada adopted bill No. 7010, designed to address the issue of environmental inspections in ports. But not all the problems of the port community have been eliminated, and environmental inspectors continue to bother business. The Center for Transport Strategies writes about the reaction of major market participants to the new law and its consequences for environmental control in ports.

The adopted law does not globally solve the problem with ecologists, the Portinvest company notes. "The adoption of Law No. 7010, which port business is so happy about, unfortunately, does not solve the problem of environmental abuse in ports. The law removed the concept of" environmental control ", but did not solve the issue of arbitrariness of environmental inspection employees," says Elena Svetlichnaya, communications director at Portinvest " According to her, the business in the ACC and EBA, as well as with the help of specialized and industry associations, is working on the regulatory framework that will maximize regulate the actions of employees of the State Environmental Inspectorate. Namely, we are talking about such documents: the Procedure for interaction between the AMPU and the State Environmental Inspectorate, the Procedure for damages and the Procedure for sampling. “All these documents should have a clear division of powers, not allow the duplication of functions of state bodies, and not leave a single opportunity for the employee of the State Environmental Inspectorate to make a decision on his own reasoning,” summarizes Elena Svetlichnaya.